Competing in the Martial Arts Skills Clash is simple. We do not currently offer any pre-registrations for events or require any fees to be ranked. Any fees or pre-requisites to participate are at the discretion of the event promoter. Simply show up on the day of the event and abide by all rules. Standings will be updated a few days after the close of the event.

We offer six divisions and do not separate divisions by rank.

Boys <12
Girls <12
Boys 12-17
Girls 12-17
Men 18+
Women 18+

For each event, we randomly select a secret set of contests – for now, that will always be three. We release those contests on the day of competition. While we always reserve the right to change this list, our current set includes.

  1. Number of front kicks above the waist in a period of time without placing your foot on the ground.
  2. Distance traveled through the air performing a running, jumping kick.
  3. Number of sit-ups in a period of time.
  4. Number of pushups in a period of time, either to a target or the ground.
  5. Number of jumping kicks above the belt in a period of time.
  6. Number of punches or kicks to a target in a period of time.
  7. Number of burpees in a period of time.
  8. Number of jumping double-kicks in a period of time (1 kick with each foot before touching the ground)