Our ruleset is simple but will expand over time for clarity as people ask questions and we continue to refine our process.

Anyone may participate in the Martial Arts Skills Clash. There are no restrictions on age or rank. We do not separate divisions based on rank, only age and gender. There are three age categories, 0-11, 12-17 and 18+. We reserve the right to alter these over time, especially as interest in the events grows.

On the day of the event each participant will be issues a score sheet. That score sheet is the responsibility of the participant. At each event, the judge will ask for the score sheet and mark it with the participants score. After that, the participant must retrieve their score sheet and hold on to it until their next event. After the completion of all of the days events, the score sheet must be submitted to a representative from the Martial Arts Skills Clash. This will often happen automatically after the last event, but it is in the interest of the participant to be sure.

All participants are expected to participate with respect for the venue, surroundings, spectators, judges and other participants. Any participant may be disqualified from the event for violating these rules at the discretion of the Martial Arts Skills Clash representative, event promoter or other sanctioned party.

Each event on the day of competition will be explained in full before participants begin. Judges will be recruited from attendees and can be anyone in attendance, regardless of their rank or participation in the arts. We can allow this because our contests are specially chosen to eliminate style differences and other subjective elements. We’re looking to find out who has the most speed, power & endurance, not who has the best quality front kick. We can measure the former, the latter is open to interpretation. We will not permit anyone to judge someone in their division, though participants may judge for others.